Our Story

Mission Coffee Imports, LLC was conceived and founded by Brian Jerome Peterson.

Coffee takes approximately 48 hours to offset the oils and gases produced by the roasting process; at that point, it has reached its peak. Most store bought coffees have been roasted several months prior to hitting the store shelves, much less your coffee pot.

Brian had the idea of providing "at peak" coffee to his customer base, by roasting the finest-grade coffee beans to order and insuring delivery when the roast reaches its peak taste.

Brian tapped two friends of his, John Howard and Matt DeVore, to assist him, and they began roasting coffee very crudely on a BBQ grill for themselves and some friends. After much trial and error as well as some process upgrades (including the purchase of an actual coffee roaster), an LLC was formed, and they began selling at various farmer's markets in the Tucson area.

In January 2019, Brian's dream of opening a coffee shop came to fruit when a brick and mortar shop was opened along 4th Ave. Unfortunately, Brian passed away in October 2019 to stage 4 colon cancer, and the coffee company had to close the brick and mortar store not long after his death in order to keep the roasting doors open.

"At peak" coffee will continue to be roasted and sold in Brian's memory. RIP B-man.

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